Which Size TV Stand is Right for Your TV

Which Size TV Stand is Right for Your TV

TVs are almost the inseparable signature pieces of any living room. But when it comes to designing your living room, finding the right TV stand setup isn't always as easy as finding the right TV.

From choosing the perfect spot to place, the best layout for viewing, to deciding what to do with the wall space behind your TV, or even how to design a living room with a fireplace and TV, these questions can quickly become overwhelming.

However, eventually, all of the questions come down to a single one: which is the right size TV stand for your TV ? In that case, what you need is a correct TV stand size guide, which we, as Urban Lifestyle modern furniture online store, will be sharing with you in this post.

TV Stand Size Guide: Things to Consider

Before buying a random TV unit, you will need to measure your TV. A television's advertised size may not always be true to how much space it would take up. This is because television dimensions are measured diagonally (instead of horizontally.)

Step 1: Find The Actual Width of Your TV

Step 2: Determine The TV Stand Height

Step 3: Look for The Right TV Stand Width

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